Traffic and Transportation Engineering

ITE’s traffic and transportation engineers specialize in reducing vehicle demand, redesigning intersections and roadways to move cars more effectively, and converting right of ways to pedestrian and bicycle friendly places.

ITE develops smart site plans that maximize parking efficiency and provide efficient circulation and flow for all modes. By developing site-specific Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures, ITE demonstrates that auto demand can be suppressed, parking capacity reduced and overall traffic impacts minimized or avoided. TDM measures such as staggered work shifts, promotion of carpooling, development of education campaigns and the creation of incentives for transit use work at busy urban arenas, major retail uses, colleges and hospitals.

Using the latest traffic analysis software and technology, including simulation software that models the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in three dimensions, ITE demonstrates future results to clients and agencies. ITE engineers and designers use these analysis and modeling tools to inform designs, and are used to design sidewalks, plazas and even indoor corridors.

ITE is offering:
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Calming & Trip Reduction
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Traffic/Pedestrian Modeling & Simulation
  • Signal warrant analysis
  • Engineering Solutions to Pedestrians and Bicycle users
  • Parking Studies
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Crash Analysis & Countermeasure Assessments
  • Speed Studies
  • Survey Research
  • Roadway Design
  • Quantitative Analysis