Two projects, we are working as Safety Consultants to the NHAI, were awarded by the National Safety Council, India for the year 2013.

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The Global Infrastructural Industry marked by remarkable growth, consolidation and new challenges. ITE was established in the year 2008 to provide state-of -art technical

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ITE is a quality-driven firm. We will always strive to assure that our project-specific engineering and survey services are focused from idea through reality. We adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and professional conduct, earning trust from our colleagues and clients. We work together to achieve common goals with honesty and accountability. Our staff is dedicated to solving problems and providing quality service on schedule and within established budgets. Our design practices and checklists continuously evolve so that our engineering process builds upon feedback from past projects. This continuous improvement process is focused on improving key procedures essential to meeting and exceeding client expectations.
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Today's projects are increasingly more complex, often requiring a greater depth of expertise that can be mobilized quickly. InfoTrans Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (ITE), an innovative engineering and management firm, is providing state-of-the-art technical solutions to the complex problems for its clients. Clients include the traffic and transport related organizations in India, both public and private, both road and rail related.